Books by Dr. Richard C. Lukas

Maurer Maurer, ed. (Lukas, a contributing author), Air Force Combat Units of World War II. Washington, D.C.: USGPO, 1961; Franklin Watts, 1963.

Eagles East: The Army Air Forces and the Soviet Union, 1941-1945. Tallahassee: Florida State University Press, 1970.

From Metternich to the Beatles: Readings in Modern European History. New York: Mentor, 1973.

The Strange Allies: The United States and Poland, 1941-1945. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 1978.

“Remains as current and relevant today as it was years ago when it first appeared” –  Professor Neal Pease, University of Wisconsin


Bitter Legacy: Polish-American Relations in the Wake of World War II. Lexington: University of Kentucky Press, 1982.

“A thorough overview of the period written in a lively and engaging style and illustrated with delightful anecdotes drawn from the personal letters of some of the principal Polish and American actors.” –  Slavic Review


Out of the Inferno: Poles Remember the Holocaust. Lexington: University of Kentucky Press, 1989.

“Oral histories of sixty Christian Polish men and women (whose) moving testimonies recount the sadism, mass murders, deportations and imprisonment which Poles suffered at the hands of Hitler’s invading army.” – Publisher’s Weekly


The Forgotten Holocaust: The Poles Under German Occupation, 1939-1944. Lexington: University of Kentucky Press, 1986; Hippocrene Books, 1990, rev. ed. 1997, 3d rev.ed. 2012.

“Lukas rendered a valuable service by showing that no one can properly analyze the fate of one ethnic community in occupied Poland without referring to the fates of others.”  – Professor Norman Davies
“An eloquent gripping account.” – Publisher’s Weekly.

Did the Children Cry?: Hitler’s War Against Jewish and Polish Children, 1939-1945. New York: Hippocrene Books, 1994, 2001.

“Eloquent, gripping account” – Reader review
“A superior work” – Reader review
“An eye-opening read” – Amazon review

Forgotten Survivors: Polish Christians Remember the Nazi Occupation. Lawrence: University Press of Kansas, 2004.

“While the Holocaust is well known, the fate of Polish Christians is far less so. This is a much-needed, important, and moving book.” – Dr. Piotr Wandycz, Emeritus Professor of History, Yale University

The Torpedo Season: Growing Up During World War II.  Amazon, 2021

“A must read memoir that immediately engages the reader… ”
Joyce C., Amazon Customer


Books Translated in Polish:

Zapomiany Holokaust: Polacy Pod Okupacja Niemiecka, 1939-1944. Kielce, 1995; Warsaw, Rebis, 2012, 2016.


Dzieciecy Placz. Zakrzewo: Wydawnictwo Replika, 2018.